waterhole strategy. Create Marketing Strategy 3.0

The waterhole strategy are activities which have an aim to make the place in the Internet for selected, very clearly defined segment of companies customers (current and potential customers). On this website (portals, services, forums) the company makes – directly or indirectly – important values from receiver’s point of view. The waterhole strategy has to collect selected segment of people around important concept for them, in the way which allows management of community and communication between members of group and between members of group and companies.

Characteristics of waterhole strategy:

  • Time. A long time of waiting (counted in years, 2-3) for making a community
  • Segment. Appropriate group of people, distinguish, unique collection of people (the company for one product can have many different segments, waterhole strategies)
  • Community. Make mechanisms and activities, which allow communication selected segment of people
  • Internet. The company has to create the Internet portal in order to implementation of waterhole strategy



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