waterhole strategy.Marketing Strategy 3.0

To imagine the idea of waterhole well, imagine two absolutely different places: desert and waterhole. Imagine that both places symbolize values for customers.

Most of websites are deserts, values for customers. Of course there is much information, many texts, features, benefits for customers. The information is shown in shape of blogs, articles, and reports from implementation and activities in media, history of company and its achievements. At the same time there is lack of values, which customers seriously look for. 99% of companies` websites have not worth data, important for customers, generally for people. The content of websites is as sand on desert – will not avail you. When you stay on desert you cannot see waterhole. You have to go out of it, break away it, because if you stay and look, everywhere around are only deserts.

On the other hand imagine waterhole, the place full of values – these one which are the most important for customers point of view. The place, where people tend themselves to. They tend to, because quench thirst, the thirst of gaining values. Next to waterhole people meet each other, who look for the same values. The same values which are worth for them. And they meet next to waterhole, it is in itself an additional value – is water, because it does not only allow achieve what you look for, but also allow make connections.


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