waterhole strategy. Marketing Strategy 3.0

Currently in many segments of market, companies compete each other especially in the internet. Entrepreneurs do not create guides in form of printing materials. When they want to be distinguishing, they fight for a position in Google website on each phase. A battlefield between companies, especially from small and medium companies section, but not only, moved to the Internet.

You lead your business, you have your own website, and maybe you have also next website www – your own, key product. On each of them you describe yourself, your product or brand. You write the history of your success, you describe implementations of your products into your customers. Simply you boast and authenticate yourself. You do this because your competitions do the same – this closer and this further competition.

The vast majority of companies create own websites www not because to provide value to customer. Entrepreneurs build websites www, because they treat them as promotion posters. They insert on it information, which have to prove, that they are better than their competition. They show statements and researches, where their offer is in magic square (the ratio of price and quality is the best).

Every month you check visits of your website www. You check KPI (key performance indicators), create actions in Google Analytics, build more sophisticated activities call-to-action, buy articles and publish on other service, build paid articles on popular blogs. And you still are looking at position of your website in Google results and you are comparing it with your competition. You think, what you can do more, if you also have (limited!) budget. Finances of your company are not bottomless well...  

Michelin was distinguished, because he took a step, which no one else decided for. French concern understood that the company has to provide customer something, what they want. The value needed by them.

André Michelin with his brother Édouard created value, which they customers desired. Before they had prepared and printed first Michelin`s guide, they have invented pneumatic tube and tire which protects it. They had epochal super product. They wanted to give their customers more, than competition: they created product-value, which their customers and not only they appreciated. During creation of the Michelin`s guide, in fact André Michelin created an additional value, very hard to copy it. After many years community of advocates gathered around to this value.


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