Marketing strategy 3.0. Waterhole strategy

What is the connection between travels by own car and eating in a very good restaurant? The answer is: Michelin`s brand.

In 1900 André Michelin with his brother led production company which produces car tiers. His customers were car owners, who travelled a lot. Then cars were often spoiled so to make easier finding service point and hotel, André Michelin published the red Michelin`s guide. It was a book with addresses of service points, shops with car parts and accessories, petrol stations. It contained a fuel prices too. There was everything which the traveler needed. During 20 years the Michelin`s guide were publishing and giving to drivers for free. André Michelin by creation a guide wanted to give his customers that are cars` owners, an additional value.

Over the years, many things have changed, Michelin`s company stopped give guides for free, it added stars as marks system, it changed also publishing content. One important thing have not changed: all time Michelin`s guide was providing unique value to users. It became to be desire promotion tool for restaurants and hotels.

Currently, Michelin`s guide is probably more famous than parent company, which produces car tires. Businesses, restaurants and hotels, mentioned in the guide are not the cheapest on the market. These people, who appreciate excellent cuisine, have to know the publication of French concern. By the way, if they are cars' owners, they need tires too. All other tires brands have to fight for recognition, an attention of car` owners. Michelin knows each fan of very good food; each customer is used to the biggest standards in range of services.

André Michelin during creation of Michelin`s guide made and gave his target group (not only own customers) the additional value. He did not think that in this way he will stand out on the market, where there will raise many other tires producers in the same time.

Currently Michelin`s guide lives its own life. The life of premium brand connects with luxury, good, sophisticated taste, extraordinary service and high prices. In time of intensive program development and channels on TV dedicate cooking, Michelin`s brand remains well known in all respects.

Now a Michelin star is one of the most desirable privileges, which a restaurant can receive. Though in the eyes of many car' owners tires became to be less characteristic product, the Michelin owners created their own `waterhole` many years ago, which follow their customers in aim of gaining unique, important value for them.

The success of Michelin`s guide relies on connection of some elements: offer a big value, without expecting anything in return,

  • determine target group for company`s products
  • use an area for communication between people in target group
  • long perspective of action, count in decades of years, no in months


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